Introduction from  Kru Ped

Hello  Everyone, I am very delightful to introduce the Basic Training of Muay Thai.
How to strike all weapons to the opponent by all  techniques.

As I had demonstrated in my video clip  in each level concerned to all clients or students can practice in easily way. Everyone can practical in real life all genders. Whole of courses levels came from my direct experienced. Later,I had fought on the ring more than  one hundred times also domestic in my country and abroad until I have achieved in my life, Especially, I possessed four Belt of Champion  

  • The first, I had won Phaya Noi Sor Tassanee
  • The Second, I had won Samransak  Muangsurin
  • The Third, I had won Therdkiat Sitthepphitak
  • The Forth, I won Ramon Dekkers Holland Natherlands World Champion. ( His alias “Turbine from Hell”)

On behalf of my great experienced Sport Reporter photos of Thailand Association honored my alias Singha Sam-Ang (Wizardly Singha)

I had demonstrated in my clip video step by step. The beginning all how to strike all weapons punching, kicking, knees and elbows.

Follow my clip techniques are combines 4 levels, each of level hold on entire principles

Front punch is jab by strike straight punch mustn’t move sidelong left or right keep balance to shoulder and take steadfast to the punch By this Continued to Tae Chiang 0r Diagonal kick Diagonal kick by forefoot Lift our foot and power flick Kicking by my ankle point. Keep balance by lean our body too our target is torso  Come to see this

How to straight drill knee to the torso of opponent quick forward and lean back your body a bit Drill to straight way to his torso Please see slow and clearly like this is drill straight knee

How to elbow strike to opponent keep balance to forefront and control your distance in proper shot. Point of elbow to the opponent ‘s chin Like this is called Horizontal elbow (Sok Tud)

All of various clip in courses level  each of lesson the duration is 6-10 minutes The beneficiary is the knowledge and artic of Muay Thai Techniques Please contact for all information and details completely for highly Please register to be a member at

Whole of courses in each levels we have described English subtitled completely.Thanks
Kindly Welcome!! Thanks

Jaroenthong Vs Ramon Dekker

Ramon Dekkers, his homeland in Netherland to the birthplace Muaythai itself, His impact and legacy of practitioner of Muaythai kick boxing and combat sport, No one in foreigners fighter could fight all weapons skillful and deep arty as him.
He had honored eightime of Muaythai champions. We called him “The Diamond “.

Dekkers was favourite with European and Thai fans due to him aggressive fighting style and Paced Fast striked to ” Turbine from hell”
Jareonthong was arranged to meet him It was the great fight and prouded of them and fans all of the world.
That honoured time I concentrated and tactics to fully functions techniques to him .He was proficient too “Turbine from hell”

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Jaroenthong Vs Andrea

Andrea had been famous at that time faced with Jaroenthong in France.
Kru Ped  seemed disadvantaged about his body is smaller and shorter than Andrea This is furiously fight again of him and  his opponent.

Andre Masseurs was an experienced French Nak Muay with long Roundhouse Kicks and Teeps. He had a flashy style with lots of spinning kicks.

Muay Thai Legend, Jaroenthong, destroyed Masseu’s game by the use of pressure. Jaroenthong used aggressive pressure and clinching to make the Frenchman uncomfortable. He would also intercept Masseu’s spinning attacks. This eventually lead to the legend ending the fight with a huge head kick K.O.


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Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong Vs Panomthounlek HaPalang

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