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We offer a comprehensive learning path that will take you from a novice to a skilled Muay Thai practitioner. Our learning path starts with the basics and gradually progresses to advanced techniques. You’ll start with our Muay Thai Training Fundamentals course, where you’ll learn the foundational skills and body weapons of Muay Thai. After mastering the basics, you’ll move on to our intermediate courses, where you’ll learn advanced techniques and strategies for sparring and competing in the ring. And finally, for those who are truly dedicated, we offer our expert-level courses, where you’ll learn the most advanced techniques and tactics used by the world’s top Muay Thai fighters.

Price: 2,000 THB

JM01-Muay Thai training Fundamentals

This course teaches you how to use parts of your body as weapons in Muay Thai. We teach you from the basics of punches, kicks, knees and elbows in Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong style.

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Price 3,500 THB

JM03-Essential Defensive Skills in Muay Thai

Advanced techniques when you are on the defense, offense or even for self-defense and counter-attack. We break these down in steps for you with detailed practice session.

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Price 2,500 THB

JM02-Basically Ground of Muay Thai Movement

This course teaches you the basic movements, controls, stances, basic steps in Muay Thai. To master the art, repetition and practices are still needed to help you get there.

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Price :3,000 THB

JM04-Defensive Highly Trick Skills in Muay Thai

This lesson was created to provide you with the highly deep trick to counterattack with punches,kicks,knees, and elbows as presented you to defend yourself from opponent 's fighting promptly by Muay Thai technician.

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Price: 5,000 THB

JM05-Deep skills from Warrior Muay Thai Legendary

Diesel Noi Chor Thanasukarn How to be an expert of knee skillful,We have different styles in any technician, It is depend on ourselves. We must learning in deep detail to awareness clearly. Each of person has different body appearance moreover, how to strike any weapons is different too.

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เร็วๆ นี้

JM06-Punching Legendary (Ironed Pestle) “Mud Sak Lek” Samransak Muang Surin

Hello, I am Kruped ,I am pleased to introduce( Mud Sak Lek Guy) By Samransak Muangsurin who has been Strongly fists and was famous long time. Even if Fisticuffs in Muay Thai is main weapon in the fight. The first our body must be strong an firmly,practice regularity in daily life.

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Free Course

Introduction to gears and gadgets used in Muay Thai. Using hand wraps and getting ready to fight with tips from Kru Ped.

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