JM03-Essential Defensive Skills in Muay Thai

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JM03-Essential Defensive Skills in Muay thai
Skill level : Advance
Duration 26:03 Minute

This course focuses on high level techniques especially in Kru Ped’s style particularly to defend or counter Muay Kao (Knee heavy fights).
These techniques are individualized and rarely shared but are important recipe for champions. It also features clinching techniques which can be applicable in self-defense and professional boxing.

  • Knee defense
  • Defense and Counter
  • Counter knee with pushes
  • Counter knee with pulls
  • Clinching
  • Turning techniques
  • Counter knee with elbow
  • Counter techniques if you are smaller than your opponents
  • Counter knee in waist locks
  • Pivots and turns to gain back offense stance
  • Hand, arm and turning offense positions
  • Breaking guards and set up for attacks
  • Using corrective elbows on vulnerable body parts/ countering knee heavy fights
  • Counter knee with thigh attack
  • Waist lock techniques to gain offense
  • Waist lock techniques and pulls
  • Eye deception and defense with unexpected weapons
  • Parrying and kicking back
  • Countering punches with punch and knee
  • Teeps and how to make them powerful
  • Rabbit kicks to counter knee
  • Swing back elbow to counter kicks
  • Countering flying knee with defense hugs and throw down
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