JM01-Muay Thai training Fundamentals

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JM01-Muay Thai training Fundamentals
Skill level : Basic
Duration 30 Minute   

Correct and strengthen your basics with Khru Ped, Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong, the legendary Muay Thai champion. The course will introduce you using body parts as as weapons in Muay Thai including punches, foot, knees and elbows. These particularity courses will attract you to various techniques through and through by intensely attention.Let ‘s learn how to make your stance right for any purpose.Welcome!

Punching techniques

  • Jab
  • Cross
  • 1-2 Combination (Throwing Jab, Cross combo)
  • Short range front hook
  • Short range rear hook
  • Long range front hook
  • Long range rear hook
  • Short upper cut
  • Long upper cut (Front and rear)
  • Downward hook punch
  • Swing punch
  • Swing back hook
  • Adding power to your stance
  • Keeping Balance

Kicking techniques

  • Straight kick
  • Diagonal Kick
  • Horizontal kick
  • Round house and back kick
  • Crocodile kick/ Swing back Kick
  • Teep with front and back foot
  • Forward and side teep
  • Low kick
  • Sweeping Kick (Sweeps)
  • Lower leg kick/ Knee kick

Knee technique

  • Straight Knee
  • Diagonal Knee
  • Horizontal Knee
  • Long Knee
  • Side Knee
  • Flying Knee

Elbow techniques

  • Horizonal elbow
  • Breaking guard Elbow (Diagonal)
  • Reverse horizonal elbow
  • Uppercut elbow (Thadmala)
  • forward elbow thrust
  • Spinning elbow

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